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About G-B-W

The international music competition for saxophone "Gustav Bumcke" was first held in Berlin in 1995 and has been irregular since then.
The competition is after the Berlin composer and saxophone pioneer Named Gustav Bumcke (1876-1963).
In 1902 Bumcke met Adolphe Sax Junior on a trip to Paris. Bumcke brought eight saxophones of all sizes to Berlin and made them available
since then she has been at the center of his composition work and built one Saxophone class. He taught in Berlin at Stern’schen and Klindworth Scharwenka Conservatory both as a saxophone teacher and as a teacher for music theory and composition. Here he founded the first German Saxophone quartet, in which he sometimes also plays the baritone saxophone Bass sax blew. His daughter Heidi, who has been under since the 1930s her stage name Ingrid Larssen succeeded, and Gustav Bumckes most talented pupil Emil Manz played the alto saxophones and Carl Petzelt the tenor saxophone. Around 1930 he had a saxophone orchestra with his Students. Emil Manz repeatedly performed both Bumckes Sonata as well as its concert with orchestra. He composed for Günther Raphael a concert and a duo with cello. Unfortunately Emil Manz came in in the mid-1950s in a traffic accident.

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