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Other participation

For those who only want to take an active part in the master classes, there is the option of taking 30-minute lessons in the presence of other active and passive participants. The professors will teach in parallel, so that there is the possibility of receiving teaching  from each lecturer on both days. € 30 will be charged per lesson. ArDeSa members can receive a 10% grant upon request.

Passive participation is possible over the entire period. The daily rate is € 30. Passive participation over the entire period (concerts, competitions, master classes) is possible for a fee of € 100.

ArDeSa members can receive a discount grant of 10 %.



Account holder:                   Landesmusikakademie Berlin

Credit institution:                 Berliner Volksbank

IBAN:                                  DE56 1009 0000 3775 1720 28

BIC:                                     BEVODEBB

Purpose:                             313/21, IGBW, name of the participant

The schedule“Masterclass” in overview:

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