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Rules of the Jury


In the first three rounds (including the preliminary round) the jury members do not distribute any points, but solely decide: yes (participants is forwarded) or no (not forwarded). The order of participants will be decided via a lottery process on the evening preceding each round.

The jury members are prohibited from speaking to each other about the participants during each round until they have handed in their decision. They are further prohibited from sharing or discussing  their decisions with other jury members. No discussions between jury members are to occur!  

This is also the case for the distribution of the special prizes.

If the foundations wish to do so, they may send an authorized person who can participate in the voting process for the special price for their foundation. Discussion is also strictly prohibited in the case. In the case oft he participation of students of jury members, this should not be made known amongst jury members to avoid favoritism in the voting process. 

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