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Only videos from applicants who have transfered the participation fee of € 280 to the account of the State Music Academy Berlin until April 30st, 2022 will be considered.  In case the jury votes for more than 40 applicants to forward them the date of application incl. the date of loading up the video on Youtube will decide who will be forwarded. 


Account holder:                   Landesmusikakademie Berlin

Credit institution:                 Berliner Volksbank

IBAN:                                  DE56 1009 0000 3775 1720 28

BIC:                                     BEVODEBB

Purpose:                             313/21, IGBW, name of the participant

Applicants who are not forwarded will be reimbursed € 200 for the participation fee. Participants in the contest will not receive any reimbursements as the contest continues, regardless of the reason and timing at which the contest ends.


Participants who arrive without their own piano partner must pay a fee of € 50 for rehearsals and accompainment during the competition. The pianists in the competition are very familiar with the works on the oeuvre-list. They supervise saxophone students at Berlin and other German music universities.


Members of the ArDeSa (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Saxophonisten e.V., German Saxophone association) receive a 10% grant on all fees.

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